The PristineBidet turns any
bathroom into an oasis of
luxury and hygiene.
The Pristine uses nature’s
most gentle and essential
element, water.
Purifying. Relaxing.
Quite simply,
it's a new concept of clean.

About Pristine Bidet

PristineBidet is the latest innovative project of RNJ Group Pty Ltd; an all-Australian developer and distributor of high quality, healthy and hygienic bathroom products.  RNJ Group drew upon their own knowledge and experience as well as the expertise of others to develop the Pristine range of bidet seats combining the latest technologies to provide a healthy and hygienic bathroom solution for all Australians.


About RNJ Group -

RNJ Group Pty Ltd commenced in 2005 as a small part-time internet based business importing and retailing electronic bidet toilet seats from Korea to an increasingly curious Australian market.  It really was a case of “liking the product so much that we had to tell everyone about it; and thereby created a business”.


RNJ Group Pty Ltd is now the largest and most trusted importer and distributor of bidet seats, integrated toilet bidet systems and bidet products in Australia, representing manufacturers from Japan, Korea, South-east Asia, Europe and North America.