Advantages and Disadvantages of a Bidet Toilet Seat

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When it comes to a bidet toilet seat, many homeowners still have doubts about the advantages these toilet devices can offer. While Asian and Middle Eastern countries use bidets or the toilet bidet spray extensively, they have yet to become popular among Western countries like Australia. Due to this, Australian toilets do not normally have bidets, let alone an electric bidet. Consequently, to have a better appreciation of bidets, it is essential to know the advantages and disadvantages bidets offer to a household.

Advantages offered by some models of bidet toilet seats:

  • Bidet toilet seats are attachments that homeowners can easily install into their toilets. There are some models that compatible with nearly all models of toilet seats. Some models can be used on round toilets while others can be used on elongated or oblong toilets. But there are also some models that can be used on any type of toilet. They can even be used on the toilet of a motorhome or an RV.
  • Installing is easy to do. One thing that some homeowners are hesitant about getting a bidet seat is that it may be challenging to install. Some would even think that they would need special tools to install these toilet devices. But there are numerous models that can be easily installed using a simple wrench and a screwdriver. Unless homeowners are going to install an electric bidet or a toilet bidet spray, installing an ordinary, non-electric bidet is easy to do. Homeowners can check with bidet Australia-based companies for the options available for them.
  • Spray nozzles can retract. Another concern homeowners have about these toilet devices is their cleanliness. They think the spray nozzles can easily get dirty while they are using the toilet. But there are several models where the spray nozzles retract. When they retract, they are protected with a plastic shield that encases the spray nozzle. It will only come out when the homeowner is ready to use it.
  • The spray angles can be adjusted. This is another advantage of using bidets, which makes it similar to using a toilet bidet spray. The angle of the spray nozzle can be adjusted by simply turning a knob. Similarly, the pressure of the water can also be adjusted to ensure the user does not feel uncomfortable while using the device.

Like all devices, bidets also have their share of disadvantages. The following are some disadvantages of some models of bidets:

  • Some models do not include instructions on using the device. While bidets normally have instructions on how to install them, people are expected to already know how to use these devices. Due to this, they normally do not have an instruction manual on how they are used. This puts homeowners without any idea of using them at a disadvantage.
  • The nozzle spray of some models is not adjustable. Even as many models of a bidet toilet seat have adjustable nozzles, there are also others whose nozzles cannot be adjusted. In this regard, it is advisable for homeowners to check with a bidet Australia-based company to ensure they get the model they prefer.
  • The pressure of the water is strong. This is quite true with some models of the toilet device. Since the initial blast of water is normally strong, it is important for homeowners to check the water pressure right after installing the device. This will allow them to ensure they feel comfortable using it. Manual models have knobs while and electric bidet may have buttons to push to ensure the water pressure is at a comfortable level.
  • Some models do not have a hot water function. Most non-electric bidets do not offer the hot water function for the water used to clean users. Due to this, homeowners who want this option may want to consider getting an electric bidet. But if the budget does not allow getting an electric bidet, homeowners can connect the bidet to the hot water faucet to ensure they have hot water to use while using the device.

These are just some of the advantages and disadvantages of using a toilet seat bidet that homeowners should take into account when looking for one in their homes. When it comes to bidet Australia-based companies can provide additional information about the features offered by each model they are offering in the market.