Common Features of a Japanese Toilet Seat

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When it comes to bidets, nothing beats a Japanese toilet seat. These bathroom devices are designed to provide the best comfort for anyone using the bathroom. The modern technology used on these devices has made them among the best in the world. The majority of Japanese homes have an electric bidet toilet seat. These devices have also become a mainstay in many Japanese hotels. So, if you visited Japan recently you would probably be familiar with these types of electric bidets. Different brands, such as Toto and Coway, offer these toilets in the market. While each brand may have its own features, there are several common features you can find in many Japanese toilets. The following are some of these common features:

  • Posterior Wash � this is the most common feature and is normally found in many other types of bidets aside from Japanese bidets. These are mainly nozzles that come out when you are ready to clean yourself after using the toilet. But, many users of Japanese toilet seats attest to their superior cleaning ability.
  • Front Wash � this is another feature that you can find in many Japanese and other types of bidets. But it is more common among Japanese-manufactured bidets. They are mainly for the ladies who use these electronic bidet toilet seats.
  • Nozzle Sterilization � when it comes to the cleanliness of the bidets, a Japanese toilet seat normally has this feature to ensure it is clean. The nozzle is normally hidden inside a compartment to protect it. It only comes out when it is needed. Many bidets also have a self-cleaning feature to clean it after the toilet is used.
  • Adjustable Water Pressure � many Japanese bidets allow you to adjust the water pressure. The controls for the water pressure for front and posterior cleaning are also separate. This ensures the water is comfortable for anyone who uses the toilet.
  • Adjustable Water Temperature � many models use warm water to clean. But the temperature can be adjusted to suit the preference of the users. While cheaper models have a water tank is heated beforehand, more expensive models have the water heated while the toilet seat is being used.
  • Air Deodorizer � while toilet seats have a built-in deodorizer, a Japanese toilet seat offers a power deodorizer where the deodorizing effect is pushed to the limits. You only have to push a button to make the toilet smell better.
  • Heated Seats � since Japan experiences cold months in certain parts of the year, the temperature can be so cold that it will be uncomfortable for you to use the toilet. Due to this, the electronic bidet toilet seats in Japanese homes are heated. This is quite beneficial since you wouldn�t want to sit on a cold toilet seat while relieving yourself. Several bidet brands, including Coway, offer this feature in some of their bidet models.
  • Soapy Spray � some Japanese toilet seat models feature a cleaning spray with soap added into it. The soap is normally added during the initial spray of the bidet. This enhances the feeling of being clean after using the toilet.
  • Noisemakers � using a public toilet can sometimes be unnerving for some. But, you do not have to worry when you use a Japanese toilet seat since they feature a noisemaker to drown out any unwanted sounds. The device will emit white noise to enhance your privacy when you use the toilets in Japan. The noisemaker is either automatically triggered once you sit on the toilet seat or you can push a button to activate it.
  • Automatic Seat and Lid � the modern technology in Japan is so prevalent that it is being used in the bathrooms of many households. There are some electronic bidet toilet seat models with an automatic seat and lid feature. This feature opens and closes the toilet before and after someone uses it.

These are just some of the features you can find in a Japanese toilet seat. These electronic bidet toilet seat features are available in many brands, including Coway. All you need to do is check with a reputable bidet shop in Australia and look for one that meets all your needs.  For more information visit Pristine Bidet.