Keeping a Bidet Clean

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Ensuring a bidet is clean is important for homeowners to continuously benefitting from this useful bathroom appliance. Some homeowners may dread cleaning the bathroom themselves, but it is actually easy to clean a bidet, be it a regular bidet or an electric bidet. While there are many types of bidets, including standard models and the electric bidet toilet seat, using vinegar and a mild detergent will allow homeowners to clean them properly. The following are the steps in ensuring a bidet is cleaned properly.

  1. Regularly wipe the bidet

Homeowners should make sure to wipe the bidet regularly using a cloth with vinegar or a mild detergent at least once a week. This allows homeowners to avoid major cleanups in the future when they make this a habit. It is also important to use a mild detergent and a soft cloth to avoid damaging the ceramic material of the toilet bowl. This also applies when cleaning a smart toilet or a Japanese toilet seat.

  1. Use mild detergent to clean the underside of the bidet seat

While homeowners should frequently clean the bidet using cloth and vinegar or mild detergent, they should also keep the undersides of the bidet seat clean. This should be done at least once a year. They can press the button at the side of the electric bidet before pulling up the seat. Bidet seats without buttons can simply be lifted. Using mild detergent can suitably keep the seat clean.

  1. Replace the carbon air deodorizer

Carbon air deodorizers remove unpleasant odor from the bathroom. Homeowners should replace the deodorizer when they are unable to remove the odor. While some units can last as long as the electric bidet, some models may require replacement every few years.

  1. Use the self-cleaning feature of the nozzle whenever applicable

Smart toilets have a self-cleaning feature that homeowners should use to clean the nozzle of the device. Regularly using this feature lets homeowners avoid having to manually clean the nozzle. This feature is normally activated by simply twisting the knob to the �Nozzle Cleaning� option. The feature may also be available in some electric bidet toilet seat models.

  1. Manual cleaning the nozzle requires vinegar and a toothbrush

If the bidet does not have the self-cleaning feature, it is necessary to use water with vinegar and a toothbrush to manually clean the nozzle. Homeowners should press the cleaning button of the electric bidet for three seconds unit the nozzle moves forward. The nozzle can be cleaned using water with vinegar and a toothbrush. For models with a second nozzle, homeowners should press the button a second time to extend the nozzle. This will allow them to clean the second nozzle.

  1. Soak clogged nozzle tips in vinegar

When the electric bidet experiences low pressure, the nozzle may be clogged. Due to this, homeowners should remove the nozzle tip and soak it in vinegar. They can extend the nozzle before unplugging the electric bidet toilet seat to prevent the nozzle from retracting. Homeowners can then remove the nozzle tip and soak it in vinegar for two to four hours. After soaking, they can gentry brush it to take out all water deposits. Once it is thoroughly cleaned, they can reattach it and plug back the unit.

  • For nozzle tips that cannot be removed, homeowners can put vinegar in a Ziploc bag. After extending the nozzle and unplugging the electric bidet, they can tap the bag to the nozzle to completely submerge it in the vinegar.
  1. Take out hard-to-remove stains using vinegar

Hard-to-remove stains inside the bidet bowl can be removed by soaking the bowl in white vinegar overnight. Before pouring the vinegar, homeowners should remove any water inside the bowl. For stains on the edges of the bowl, homeowners can remove them using toilet paper dipped in vinegar. They can put the toilet paper on these areas and allow them to sit overnight.

  • To fully remove the stains, homeowners can scrub the inside of the bidet bowl using a cloth dipped in vinegar. After scrubbing, they can rinse it with water.

Keeping the bidet clean is important for homeowners to take advantage of the benefits offered by these bathroom appliances, whether it is a Japanese toilet seat or an electric bidet from Coway.