The rise of the Japanese Toilet Seat.

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Many people dream of living in a utopia where every bathroom is equipped with a high tech toilet, why wouldn�t you? The benefits are exhaustive and have been thoroughly listed in previous blogs on However, we have to ask, why isn�t every bathroom equipped with a high tech toilet? The common answer is, of course, the cost. However, there are a number of other interesting factors that play a factor in the rise of the Smart Toilet.


The rise of the Japanese Toilet Seat is quite phenomenal. These high tech toilets which can include a built-in bidet, seat warmers, automatic seat lifters, automatic deodorizer (the list goes on) were not always the norm in Japan. It took up until 1977 for Japan to phase out traditional Japanese low squatting type toilets that you will see across Asia today and introduce regular �western� toilets into their society. Then in 1980, the revolution began, great innovative minds at �Toto� began attaching nozzles underneath toilet seats. These nozzles extend from underneath the seat and shoot a jet of warm water and additionally function as a warm air dryer.  Then as �Toto� began to see incredible revenue streams come in and an overwhelmingly positive market reception the never-ending endeavor for perfection ensued for Toto and its competitors. Spraying angle, water temperature, precise measurements where all being tested thoroughly and perfected. Marketers also played a huge factor (part of the reason why these toilets aren�t as popular in the west), smart slogans such as �your tush wants to be washed, too� all played a significant part in acquiring attention and sales. The Japanese Toilet Seat was well and truly established in 2002 with a government survey stating that almost one in two homes in Japan featured a smart toilet.


At the end of the day, the reason why the west hasn�t adopted the Japanese Toilet Seat is because of societal changes and cultural differences. As Japan strived to assimilate with the rest of the west through utilizing nonsquatting toilets like the west they managed to stray afar. Innovations during a time of technological revolution saw advancements the rest of the world were not ready for. This coupled with Japan's high standards of toilet routine resulted in an immense level of demand unlike anywhere in the world. However, today, businesses such as Pristine Bidet are striving to introduce a �new concept of clean� not common in western society. Raise your standards and purchase a smart toilet today on