What are the Features of a Washlet?

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A washlet is a trademarked name used by Toto for its line of toilet seats. These bidet models are also called electric toilet seats. While other brands already have their own versions of the washlet, the original manufacturer of this toilet device is the Japanese brand Toto. Many bidet users consider this model to be among the best available in the market. Some washlet Australia-based suppliers, like Pristine Bidet, offer a suitable range of products homeowners can consider getting for their homes. But before buying this device for the toilet, it may be advisable to know the features offered by a washlet.

The following are some features offered by this type of bidet in the market.

  • Sleek design � the Japanese are known for offering among the best-designed products in the market. While there may be some products that are not quite eye-catching, most of the designs offered by Japanese manufacturers are smooth and sleek. And the Toto washlet is one of them. The sloping cover features the logo of the company on the rear part. Light indicators are also located along its right side. These lights turn on depending on the feature that is activated: the seat, water, energy saver, and power. Its power and water supply are neatly hidden at the back. It also has an exhaust vent used for its deodorizer. Most models of the device actually do not have any physical buttons since users can turn on each function using a remote control. But there are also some models with manual controls for users who are not keen on controlling the device using the remote. In this case, homeowners can check with a washlet Australia-based supplier, like Pristine Bidet, about the models available for them to purchase.
  • Remote Control � as indicated above, most models of this device have a remote control function. The remote control is user-friendly, so it will not be challenging for anyone who knows how to use the TV remote control. It also has a stop button to allow users to stop any functions being used at a given time. The remote also allows users to control the Front Wash, Rear, Wash, and Dryer features. The basic functions of the device can be preset for two different users. It also comes with an LCD where users can control the temperature of the water and seat as well as the air dryer. To minimize losing the remote control, it also has a bracket at the back to allow it to be mounted on a wall.
  • Water Adjustment Feature � similar to many models of bidets, the Toto washlet also allows users to adjust the temperature and pressure of the water. Users have five settings they can choose from. The temperature range is from 34 degrees Celsius up to 40 degrees Celsius.
  • Pulsating Feature � the Toto washlet also offers a pulsating feature where the water is sprayed in a pulsating manner. In this situation, users will experience both strong and soft water pressure when they use this electric bidet.
  • Dual-Action Water Spray � the nozzle of a washlet has a dual-action feature where it can spray the posterior and the front. The front spray is ideal for female users of the device. Five positions are available for users when they adjust the spray to ensure it will suit their needs. They can also make adjustments while they are using the device.
  • Soft Spray � another feature offered by the Toto washlet is its soft spray function. This is ideal when spraying the rear to ensure they experience a gentle wash after using the toilet. Additionally, it has an oscillating function that will move the nozzle around while washing. Some users like this function since it allows them to clean a bigger area to ensure optimal cleaning.
  • Heated Seats � since comfort is one of the things offered by this toilet device, it comes with a heated seat function. This is a useful feature when the cold months come in. It is uncomfortable to use the toilet when the seat is cold. The device offers five different settings when heating the seat.

These are just some of the features offered by the Toto washlet. Since homeowners may have different needs when it comes to these toilet devices, they should discuss their needs with reputable washlet Australia-based suppliers, such as Pristine Bidet, so they will find a model that is most suitable for them.