The PristineBidet turns any
bathroom into an oasis of
luxury and hygiene.
The Pristine uses nature’s
most gentle and essential
element, water.
Purifying. Relaxing.
Quite simply,
it's a new concept of clean.

Frequently Asked Questions

About Pristine bidets

How does Pristine bidet work?

The Pristine bidet seat simply replaces your existing toilet seat.  Offering much more than a conventional toilet seat, the Pristine has a heated seat and delivers a warm water wash with temperature, pressure, and nozzle position adjustability.  A self-cleaning retractable wand delivers warm water for the washing functions, a posterior wash and a feminine wash. All functions are easily operated at the push of a button with either a side control or a wireless remote control.  Pristine models also include a warm air dryer for a complete "hands-free" experience as well as a deodoriser and other special features.



Installing a Pristine bidet

Will the Pristine fit my toilet?

Pristine bidets will fit most residential toilets; unless you happen to have a toilet with a square bowl or unusual shape.  A few simple measurements should confirm that the Pristine bidet will fit your toilet.  Alternatively, if you know the brand and model of your toilet, you can contact us and we can help you check for fit.  Or you can ask for a paper template which we can send to you for a more accurate check.  Click here to check the fit and measurement guidelines.

What installation is required?

Standard installation is really quick and easy. Installation involves a few simple steps; firstly shut off the water at the stop tap supplying your toilet, then removing your existing toilet seat, installing the Pristine mounting bracket and sliding the Pristine bidet onto the bracket and making the water and power connections. The included T-adapter and back-flow-prevention device are installed between the stop tap and the cistern.  Complete instructions are provided with the Pristine.

Do I need an electrical outlet?

You do require an electrical outlet. A standard power point (10amp GPO) is fine.  For those customers wanting to install a new GPO specifically for the Pristine bidet, the best location when facing your toilet is to the right side of the toilet below the cistern.  The Pristine power cord is 1.8 metres long. 


Does the Pristine bidet meet Australian Standards?

Pristine bidets are tested, certified and WaterMarked to Australian Standards as well as tested and certified for compliance with Australian Electrical Standards. 



Using the Pristine bidet

Is the Pristine easy to use?

Pristine bidets are operated by simply pressing the soft touch buttons on the side control (models 101, 202 and 302) or the remote control (501R) to operate the wash and dry functions.  The wireless remote control can be used while mounted on the wall or held in the users hand or lap while seated on the toilet.

Can a Pristine bidet be used by children, elderly, and handicapped?

Absolutely!  Children love using a Pristine and they are wonderful for parents with children who are potty-trained but not yet able to clean themselves. The Pristine has a “Child” function for the really young which can be set by parents while a little one is on the toilet and resets after they have finished. Those who are elderly, disabled or have limited mobility or other limitations can especially benefit from a Pristine bidet.

Where is the water stored that is used for the bidet wash?

Water is not stored.  The Pristine bidet takes cold water from your existing water supply as required and uses an instantaneous heating system that provides "continuous" warm water washes.


Does the nozzle ever "get in the way"?

No, the wash nozzle is only extended during the cleaning cycle.  At all other times it is retracted inside the unit to avoid being contaminated.  As a further safeguard, the nozzle cleans itself with a high pressure spray of water before and after each use.


Does the seat use a lot of electricity?

You will most likely not notice any change in your power bill, however the amount of electricity used will depend on the user settings.  For example, the heated seat function can be set to one of three temperatures, or simply turned off.  Water heating only starts when a user sits down on the bidet and triggers the seat sensor.  Pristine bidets feature an Energy Saving mode that turns the heated seat function to standby until the seat sensor is triggered when a user sits down. 

How long does the wash cycle take and does it use a lot of water?

Effective cleansing is generally accomplished in 20 to 30 seconds and this would use about 300mls.of water.

How long does the warm water last?

Unlike older reservoir tank bidets, the Pristine uses an instant heating system and this provides continuous warm water washes that will never run cold.

What is the difference between the front and rear washes?

The “Femme” or front wash offers a feminine cleanse while the rear “Wash” offers a posterior wash for both men and women.

What maintenance is required?

Swash seats are made of germ-resistant plastic. They can be cleaned with a soft, wet cloth and a mild detergent. For complete cleaning of the bidet and toilet, Pristine bidets feature a quick release from the mounting bracket.  Although the nozzle is self-cleaning, we recommend that it be cleaned regularly with a soft brush (an old toothbrush for example), as needed.


Pristine bidets are tested, certified and WaterMarked to Australian Standards as well as tested and certified for compliance with Australian Electrical Standards.  All Pristine bidets are warranted for two years from date of purchase.  With proper usage, your Pristine bidet will provide years of reliable use. Owners should read and follow all safety precautions in the Users Guide provided with the product.