The PristineBidet turns any
bathroom into an oasis of
luxury and hygiene.
The Pristine uses nature’s
most gentle and essential
element, water.
Purifying. Relaxing.
Quite simply,
it's a new concept of clean.


Pristine 302

The Pristine 302 bidet toilet seat is for families who want a few more features.  With the addition of the Turbo Wash, the Pristine 302 has everything available in top-of-the-range electronic bidet seats.  The turbo wash function is particularly helpful for those with problems such as constipation.  Simple to install, simple to use; a bit of luxury in the bathroom for every member of the family.


Pristine 302 Key Features

  • Posterior and feminine warm-water washes
  • Turbo wash feature
  • Water and seat temperature settings
  • Water pressure controls
  • Warm air drier
  • One button wash-dry-off sequence
  • Self cleaning nozzle
  • Aerated wash spray
  • Nozzle massage and oscillate function
  • Child setting for safe use by little ones
  • Automatic shut down when seat vacated
  • Stylish design and comfortable heated seat
  • Intelligent seat sensor
  • Gentle closing seat and lid
  • "Quick Release" for easy seat removal for cleaning
  • Energy-save mode
  • Australian Standards WaterMark Approved
  • Two (2) year warranty


Will a Pristine Fit your Toilet?