The PristineBidet turns any
bathroom into an oasis of
luxury and hygiene.
The Pristine uses nature’s
most gentle and essential
element, water.
Purifying. Relaxing.
Quite simply,
it's a new concept of clean.



The Pristine Range

The top-of-the-range Pristine 501R bidet toilet seat is a highly functional toilet seat that gives you unparalleled comfort and personal hygiene. Featuring heated seat, three warm water washes, warm air drier, automatic deodoriser and a wireless remote control which allows users input their own preset functions and settings.


The Pristine 302 is a side control model with most of the features of the Pristine 501R.


The Pristine 202 was designed specifically for toilets and bathrooms in public places such as in restaurants, offices, shopping centres and hotels; simple to maintain and incorporating only those features that are wanted  by people on the move, heated seat, posterior and feminine warm water wash and warm air drier.


The economical Pristine 101 which features a heated seat and two warm water washes is ideally suited to those who want to upgrade from cold water bidets at minimal cost.



Which Pristine is Right For Me?







Recommended for:

Economy model for family homes

Family homes, public places, hotels and restaurants

Family homes & residential developments

Family homes, disabled, elderly & aged care facilities

Soft Close Seat

Heated Seat

Continuous Warm Water

Posterior Wash

Feminine Wash

Turbo Wash






Auto Nozzle Cleaning

Child Setting

Energy Saving

Auto Wash/ Dry Sequence


Warm Air Drier


Remote Control




Personalised User Presets


Round and Elongated shape available

Aust. WaterMark Level 1

Aust. Electrical Approvals


2 years

2 years

2 years

2 years


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Pristine Technical Specifications